About Bob

Self Portrait (2004)

Taken using the antiquated Canon EOS650 camera that Bob is holding. This was at one time the mainstay of his photography (having out lasted a briefly-owned second hand EOS30, it was replaced with a Powershot S5IS which also outlasted its replacement, a Lumix FZ100, before being retired in favour of a Canon SX50 HD). This, together with most of the pictures in the portfolios, were taken on 100ASA AGFA Slide film and by shunning the camera's evaluative metering, preferring the challenge of 'getting it right with one shot'.

A bit of biography

Before leaving school Bob was a keen amateur fossil collector with a particular interest in the London Clay (from places such as Sheppey) and a sizeable collection (now in the Oxford University Museum). He led several field trips for the Tertiary Research Group (then in its infancy). 

University beckoned and with it a change of direction. Bob Kirby graduated from the University College of North Wales, Bangor with a first class honours in Zoology specialising in Marine Zoology. This included a short research project into the mechanism behind jumping in sand hoppers and produced some elegant drawings of Talitrus saltator (the notes for the full project may some day find their way here). Following his time in Bangor Bob embarked on three and a half year's post graduate study at the Geology Department of the University of Oxford. His research topic was "The Evolution, palaoecology and palaeogeography of the Middle Cretaceous ammonite family Hoplitace". This included use of punch card driven computer programs to run statistical programs and a lot of time spent collecting from the Gault Clay (these collections are also in the Oxford University Museum).

Towards the end of Bob's time in Oxford some significant events occurred. Firstly there was a totally unexpected encounter with Jesus, that took place whilst walking home after spending a couple of hours trying to persuade somebody that he didn't exist. Having been convinced by this episode Bob began attending St Aldates, Church in Oxford. Then, a few months later Bob met his future wife, Stephanie, over coffee at the back of the church.

Financial considerations meant that a job was required and with it a move to Surrey. Pressure of work and church activities meant that the thesis was never finished. However, the collections and papers were properly curated and are probably still in the Oxford University Museum. They are accompanied by Bob's Essex material (which had proved too awkward to move back south again).

Bob's next two decades were spent working in the IT industry. Initially as a programmer, then as an analyst, and finally as a senior consultant. During this time he experienced a number of sectors (including aerospace, publishing, government, finance, and property rental). On the government side it was mostly about agriculture (arable schemes, sheep premiums and milk quotas). Along the way he picked up and held for a time the MBCS CITP Cert Eng professional qualification (now lapsed).

In August 2002 Bob responded to a clear call to change course and study at Christ for the Nations UK. Then based at Budgenor Lodge, in West Sussex. He graduated in 2004 with a Diploma in Applied Theology.

After college Bob worked for a few months on a part time basis providing administrative assistance with Three Counties Church in Haslemere. In parallel with this bob was employed on a part time basis by:

The work with CFNUK and the Royal Norfolk continued until 2006, since when Bob has been working on a book whilst undertaking increasingly less frequent IT assignments. I find the book quite exciting as I end up by showing how restoring ritual cleanliness was the driving force behind Jesus' agenda and the OT sacrificial Law was the foundation for the ministry of the cross. The book, works through the initial chapters of Matthew's Gospel as it uncovers a series of recurring patterns in God's interaction with men. It turns out that these provide the context to many of the familiar events and passages of the OT (such as digging a valley full of ditches and Jacob wrestling with God).   

Now based in Devon, Bob's recreational interests include church activities, bible study, gardening, natural history, field geology, and art (these days primarily photography). He has exhibited both at CFN-UK and as part of Surrey Open Studio's Week.

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