Family Group Record for Thomas Hatton

Husband Thomas Hatton

           Born: Abt 1707
           Died: 1779
         Buried: 11 Oct 1779 - Swinbrook, Oxfordshire

         Father: Hatton (          -          )

       Marriage: Abt 1748 - Shilton, Oxfordshire


1. He owned Widford Mill in 1755 in Widford, Gloucester, England. Thomas insured the mill (ref not given - probably Sun Fire Insurance - index to policies at Guildhall Library, City of London.)

2. Mentioned on 5 Oct 1757 at Swinbrook, Oxford, England

3. He signed a will on 2 Jan 1778. Mentions wife Elizabeth Hatton, daughter Mary Worrall. Sons John, Thomas & Edward. Son in law Worrall and Neice Mary Kempster

4. He was occupied as a papermaker in 1779.

5. He had a residence in 1779 in Widford, Gloucester, England.

6. He died in 1779. The year shown on the tomb is 1779. The age at death in 72 (the two is far from clear but extreme oblique flash lighting shows enough of it for reasonable certainty).

7. He was buried in Swinbrook, Oxfordshire on 11 Oct 1779

8. He had an estate probated on 7 Feb 1780 in London.

Wife Elizabeth Jordan

           Born: Abt 1721
     Christened: 1 Dec 1721 - Burford, Oxfordshire
           Died: 9 Jun 1799
         Buried: 22 Jun 1799 - Swinbrook, Oxfordshire

         Father: John Jordan (          -          )


1. She was born about 1722. Inferred from the age at death given on the Hatton Tomb at Swinbrook

2. She had a residence on 11 Jun 1796 in Burford, Oxfordshire. Mentioned in her will

3. She signed a will on 11 Jun 1796. Mentions a number of relatives: John Hatton (Son); Thomas Hatton (Grandson), not of age; Sarah Hatton (Grandaughter); Mary Worell, formerly Hatton (Grandaughter); Elizabeth Hatton (Grandaughter). Nephews Jordan Kempster of Kennington Lam Lambeth and Thomas Kempster of Burford
Mentions property in Burford.

4. She had a residence in 1799 in Burford, Oxfordshire. Mentioned on burial record

5. She was buried in Swinbrook, Oxfordshire on 22 Jun 1799

6. She had an estate probated on 26 Jul 1799 in London. Before the Worshipful William Everret. Proved by John Hatton

1. Marriage Bond: 18 Nov 1748. Tho Hatton of Upton in the Parish of Burford in the County of Oxon Paper Maker, and John Jordan of the same place, ?Weaver. Bound unto Henry Brooke Dr. of ?Laws and Official Principal of the Reverend the Archdeacon of Oxon. Thos. That Hatton of Upton in the Parish of Burford aforesaid and Elizabeth Jordan of the same place, Spinster
May lawfully solemnize Matrimony together.
Marriage be openly solemnized in the Parish Church of Shilton in the County of Oxon. Thos. Hatton and John Jordan shall defend and save Harmless the above-named Dr. Brooke and all his Officers & Ministers.
Witness for Thos Hatton was James Busby, that for John Jordan was Edwd. Lay (who made his mark).

1 M John Hatton

           Born: Abt 1750
           Died: 6 Mar 1811 - Widford, Gloucester, England
         Buried: 11 Mar 1811 - Swinbrook, Oxfordshire
         Spouse: Sarah Killmaster (Abt 1760-1830)
           Marr: 30 Aug 1777 - Buscot, Berkshire

1. Mentioned: 2 Jan 1778. In the will of his father Thomas Hatton provision is made for John to receive 300 when he turns 30.

2. He was occupied as a Papermaker on 7 Jan 1801. Mentioned on Christening documentation for his daughter Helen

3. He was occupied as a Papermaker on 2 Oct 1804. Mentioned on christening documentation for Martha

4. He was Anglican churchwarden on 23 May 1806 in Widford, Gloucester, England. Oxfordshire County Council have the pers of the Secker family amongst which there is a record that William Wright Arnatt & John Leech were bound to John Hatton, Churchwarden of Widford & John Secker, Overseer of the Poor, Widford, to support the bastard child of Elizabeth Windus, Widford, Singlewoman. The consideration of the bond was 80.

5. He had a residence in 1808 in Widford, Gloucester, England. Mentioned on the burial record of his son Thomas as being 'of Widford'

6. He signed a will on 1 May 1810. Mentions a wife called Sarah, sons called John & Richard, a daughter called Martha and a paper making business

7. He owned Mill lands on 1 May 1810 in Upton, nr Burford, Oxfordshire. Mentioned on John's Will

8. He owned Resedential property on 1 May 1810 in Sheep Street, Burford, Oxfordshire. Mentioned on John's Will. At the time occupied by the Revd Thomas Andrews so presumably let out.

9. He was buried in Swinbrook, Oxfordshire on 11 Mar 1811

10. He had an estate probated on 11 Jul 1811 in London. For Will sealed on 1 May 1810
Probed by Sarah Hatton & John Hatton

2 M Edward Hatton

         Buried: 1793
         Spouse: Anna Egerton (          -          )
           Marr: 23 Nov 1766 - Quenington

1. Mentioned: 1778, Widford, Gloucester, England.

3 F Mary Hatton

     Christened: 2 Aug 1754 - Burford, Oxfordshire
         Spouse: Stephen Worrall (1748-          )
           Marr: 11 Jun 1779 - Widford, Gloucester, England

1. She was christened on 2 Aug 1754 in Burford, Oxfordshire. Only father, Thomas Hatton, is mentioned.

2. Mentioned: Mentioned in her father Thomas' will., 17 Jan 1778. Name Mary Worrall.

4 M Thomas Hatton


5 F Elizabeth Hatton

     Christened: 13 May 1759 - Widford, Gloucester, England
         Buried: 8 Apr 1760 - Swinbrook, Oxfordshire

1. She was christened on 13 May 1759 in Widford, Gloucester, England. Elizabeth, of Thomas & Elizabeth HATTON

2. She was buried in Swinbrook, Oxfordshire on 8 Apr 1760

6 F Ann Hatton

     Christened: 21 Aug 1751 - Burford, Oxfordshire

1. She was christened on 21 Aug 1751 in Burford, Oxfordshire. Only father, Thomas Hatton, is mentioned

General Notes (Husband)

Oxfordshire Records Office informed Kerrie McInnes that the following contained a reference to a John Hatton of Widford
25 Nov 1693, E168/D/7 Final Concord (Foot of Fine)
1. Hugh Stillgo, Zachary Stillgo and three others
2. Ezekiel Weston and seven others, deforciants,
Property: Two messuages, 70 acres of land, 15 of meadow, 15 of pasture and commons in Deddington, Westcott Barton, Horley & Horton
This may suggest that there was a John Hatton in Widford prior to Thomas birth abt 1707.

General Notes for Child John Hatton

The sale of John's property in Widford seems to have gone through in 1813 when the Freeman & Mitford families of Morton in the Marsh deposited the Title Deeds to land they had aquired at Asthall, Shipton & Widford. The Oxfordshire Records Office have these deeds amongst the Batsford Park Estate papers (ref D1447/1/260). The scope & content description refers to messuages, fields, Lower Ham, Cold Comfort, and Ten Acre Piece, 2 Cottages, a paper mill and a corn mill, all in Widford; messuages and land in Asthall; a small piece of land (abuttals) in Shilton.

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