Genealogy Notes for the Township of Cartmel Fell, Cumbria
A miscellany of pictures and data arising out of research into the KIRBY's family trees (but not all linked to them).
This is a work in progress so please treat the data with appropriate caution. For related information see, Ancestor List, Place Index and Wills Index

Location and general description

A small township in the southern Lake District, set amongst low, partly forested, fells.

Formerly in the county of Lancaster.


Details of places that may have had some connection with the family or have been investigated. 

Thorphinsty Hall (aka Thorphinstie, Thorphinstey)

Thorphinstey Hall, which lies 2Km to south of Cartmel Fell, was the manor house for the manor of Thorphinsty. From the beginning of the 16th C it remained in the hands of the HUTTON family and their descendants, the UTHWATTs, until at least the early 20th C.

In 1508 Henry HUTTON held Thorphinsty of the priory, paying :

[Farrer & Brownbill, 1919, n.p.]

The tenant in 1536 was William Hutton, who failed to pay his gressom on succeeding  [Farrer & Brownbill, 1919, n.p.].

In 1577  Thorphinsty's small woods and hedgerows, with oaks, ash and underwood were valuable enough for one Mabel BENSON, widow and heir of her father Oliver GILPIN, to claim Thorphinsty, according to the 'laudable custom called tenant right' used in the manor of Cartmel, but Thomas HUTTON had expelled her; Duchy of Lanc. Plead. Eliz. ciii, B 16. [Farrer & Brownbill, 1919, n.p.]

In 1587, when  Thomas ALLEN claimed the hall under a lease from the Crown, Thomas HUTTON relied upon the defense that the HUTTONS had held the same as customary lands of the manor of Cartmel; ALLEN's lease was for 21 years and at a rent identical to that formerly paid to the priory (i.e. 3 2s. 8d).  Duchy of Lanc. Plead. Eliz. cxxxii, A 12. [Farrer & Brownbill, 1919, n.p.]

The burial of Thomas HUTTON on 28 Jan. 1601/2 is recorded in the registers for Cartmel. [Farrer & Brownbill, 1919, n.p.]

In 1613 William HUTTON was named when the Crown granted Thorphinsty to Richard CARTWRIGHT; Pat. 11 Jas. I, pt. xi.    [Farrer & Brownbill, 1919, n.p.]

The burial of William HUTTON on 14 Feb. 1616/7 is recorded in the registers for Cartmel.  [Farrer & Brownbill, 1919, n.p.]

The burial of Thomas HUTTON on  23 June 1642 is recorded in the registers for Cartmel.  [Farrer & Brownbill, 1919, n.p.]

In 1665 the heralds' visitation found  George HUTTON in possession [Farrer & Brownbill, 1919, n.p.] . 

In 1670 George HUTTON rented from the Crown and the rent was 3 2s. 10d. [Farrer & Brownbill, 1919, n.p.]

On 9 Oct 1715 one Richard HUTTON, gent, of Thorphinsty, in psh. Cartmell, leased property (a messuage called Tarngreene, a corn watermill and a kiln, Cowhed Mosse & Newclose) to Leonard JACKSON, Rector of Tatham, and John BRIGGS, vicar of Kirkby Lonsdale at a peppercorn rent for one year.
[Lancashire Record Office, "Miscellaneous legal documents," database, Access to Archives ( : accessed 21 Dec 2008), DDX 3/50]

On 15 Oct 1716  Robert BRIGGS of Flookburgh in Cartmell, marriner, son of Richard BRIGGS, assigned a lease ( of all fines and profits of the courts, fairs, markets, etc., within the graveship of Cartmell and the bailiwicks of Cartmellfell, Broughton, Walton and Barnegarth) upon trust for the public use of the parish of Cartmell , to John BIGLAND of Bigland, Richard HUTTON of Thorphinstie, [Cumbria Record Office, Kendal, "Cartmel," database, Access to Archives ( : accessed 21 Dec 2008), WPR 89/PR/2713/8]

In 1796 the estate belonged to the Rev. James Long HUTTON and James LONG [Farrer & Brownbill, 1919, n.p.]

In 1870 to William Uthwatt of Maids' Moreton.  [Farrer & Brownbill, 1919, n.p.]

In 1919 the owner was a Miss UTHWATT [Farrer & Brownbill, 1919, n.p.] .


The HUTTON family

In 1665 the heralds' visitation found the family sufficiently important to record a pedigree ( in Dugdale, Visit., Chet. Soc, pg 160) ; at the time George HUTTON, aged sixty-one, was in possession. Farrer & Brownbill give the following outline of the descent as given (capitalisation is mine): 'Henry HUTTON -s. William -s. Richard -bro. Thomas (d. 1600) -s. William (d. 1617) -s. George -s. William, aged sixteen. See also Northern Genealogist, v, 100–2.  George  Henry HUTTON married Elizabeth SWAINSON 7 Jan. 1642–3; Reg. The following wills were proved at Richmond: George  Henry HUTTON , 1679; William  Henry HUTTON , 1714; Richard  Henry HUTTON , 1722. Guardianship bond for Richard  Henry HUTTON , 1722. ' [Farrer & Brownbill, 1919, n.p.]

Farrer and Brownbill give an example of the arms of Hutton of Thorphinsty which were - Gules on a fesse or between three cushions ermine two fleurs de lis of the field.

The catalogue of the Cumbria Record Office in Barrow lists an undated pedigree for this HUTTON family [ref. BDKF 112/32] that I have yet to see.

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