Genealogy Notes for the Village of Hampton Gay, Oxfordshire
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Ruins of the manorhouse, Hampton Gay

Location and general description

Hampton Gay (aka Hampton Gaie or Hampton Gate) is now little more than a relic of its former self, its manor a decayed ruin and nothing left of a village. To the south lies the parish of Hampton Poyle and to the north and east the parish of Bletchingdon. On the west the meandering River Cherwell provides its bounds.


The Church of St. Giles

In 1846 the church was described as 'modern, and a very bad specimen of  the meeting-house style, which prevailed in the early part of the present century' (Parker 1846, Pg 56). It has obviously suffered from vandalism at some point as several granite crosses in the churchyard had been broken. It was locked at the time of our visit.

Church of St. Giles

The manor

Now no more than a picturesque ruin set amidst rough pastureland. In 1846 the house was described as 'a good Elizabethan house, of the usual ground plan, two gables, and a recess, with a porch projecting in the centre : some handsome chimney-pieces remain, and several of the rooms appear to be nearly in their original state, though much dilapidated.' (Parker, 1846, Pg 56)

 Part of the manor ruins, Hampton Gay Part of the manor ruins, Hampton Gay Grazing alongside the rived Cherwell

Hampton Gay Paper Mill 

Although the mill has now been demolished, the history of Hampton Gay Papermill includes families such as ALLEN and HUTTON.   


The HUTTON Family

Michael HUTTON of Hampton Gay, instigated paper making at Deddington, Oxon in 1684. One Michael HUTTON became papermaker at Deddington. Michael HUTTON of Deddington's wife's name was Jaell and she died in 1700/01. Jaell is most frequent amongst protestants, including Huguenots and their descendants, however it not a common name in this area. As the mill at Hampton Gay was leased in 1681 by John ALLEN (LOBEL, 1959), it is therefore of interest that one James ALLEN christened a girl named Jaell ALLEN in Banbury on 28 FEB 1608 (source IGI).  An ALLEN family also married into the LORD family of Fitwell, Oxon.

In 1737 the ANNERSLEY family of nearby Bletchington appointed one Jack HATTON of St James, Westminster to be tenant in a common recovery involving the mansion house (Oxford Local Studies, SL13/4/2L/1). This Jack HATTON is probably the lawyer Jack HATTON (1712-1786) of the Wexford HATTONs, who acted for Richard ANNERSLEY elsewhere.

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